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Songs of Mass Destruction (Bonus Track Version)Songs of Mass Destruction available on iTunes

Annie Lennox Songs of Mass Destruction

Songs of Mass Destruction is pop diva Annie Lennox's first album in over four years, but for her die-hard fans, anything she does is well worth the wait. On this effort, she not only tackles life post-divorce, but also the African AIDS crisis. The track "Sing" features 23 singers including Madonna, k.d. lang, and Celine Dion, and was written to raise awareness about the pandemic of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Both Jim and Greg praise Lennox for this song and her always impressive, soulful voice. But Greg for one wishes she wasn't attracted to such glossy production. For Songs of Mass Destruction, she hired Glen Ballard, the producer who is responsible for some of the most generic,“schlocky”albums ever made by people like Barbra Streisand and Aerosmith. The slickness doesn‘t allow Lennox’s voice to shine, so Greg has to give this album a Try It. Jim agrees Lennox would benefit from a turn with a more authentic producer and grittier band, but he can't deny her voice. He gives it a Buy It.

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case/lang/veirscase/lang/veirs available on iTunes

case/lang/veirs case/lang/veirs

Singer/songwriters Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs have long admired each other's music from afar but didn't really know each other personally. That changed a few years ago when lang sent an email to Case and Veirs asking if they wanted to collaborate. The result of that email is a new project and album called case/lang/veirs. Greg says he was initially skeptical of this so-called“super group”but the trio really delivers. He says the album sounds like a nod to girl groups and the Laurel Canyon sound and the sum is really greater the parts. Jim finds the three distinct voices elevate each other. The three women harmonize so well you can‘t always tell who is singing. While the record is lowkey, Jim is sure the joyful songs will grow on you and then you won’t be able to stop listening. case/lang/veirs earns a double Buy It.

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