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Jim and Greg are joined in the studio this week by the Los Angeles band, Warpaint. The band is made of Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman on guitar and vocals, Jenny Lee Lindberg on bass, and drummer Stella Mozgawa. The band combines rock, electronica, r&b and a host of other genres into a mix that they like to call“sexy,”apt for a band formed on Valentines Day of 2004. Jim and Greg talk to them about musical influences, why it takes so long between records and what is was like working with production superstars, Flood and Nigel Godrich. The band plays us 3 songs from their latest self-titled album, Warpaint.

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WarpaintWarpaint available on iTunes

Warpaint Warpaint

Los Angeles space pop quartet Warpaint is back with a self-titled sophomore record. Formed in 2004, Warpaint spent years refining its sound and lineup before dropping its debut LP, The Fool, in 2010. By that time, founding members Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, and Emily Kokal had brought onboard gifted Aussie drummer Stella Mozgawa. Jim enjoyed The Fool and had high-hopes for the follow-up—but when he saw super-producers Flood and Nigel Godrich behind the board on this album, he prepared for bombast. What he found instead was subtle music that rewards close listening. It's a strong soundtrack for household chores and Valentine's Day alike, and Jim would definitely Buy It. Greg is impressed with how this band has evolved, with Mozgawa's drums perfecting the give-and-take between all four instruments. Although this record has fewer rock hooks than their debut, he salutes Warpaint for infusing ambient music with unexpected harmonies and“shimmy.”You might have to dig deep to find the groove, says Greg, but if you invest the time, Warpaint is a surefire Buy It.

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Heads UpHeads Up available on iTunes

Warpaint Heads Up

Former Sound Opinions guests Warpaint have returned with their third studio album Heads Up. As Jim explains, with the new album comes a new sound for the band. While previous records were heavy on atmospheric moodiness, Heads Up is more of a party record with a euphoric dance vibe. Jim loves this celebratory new direction and awards it a Buy It. Greg agrees that rhythm is at the center of the album, led by the spectacular drumming of Stella Mozgawa and the melodic bass playing of Jenny Lee Lindberg. Greg says this new turn toward a club sound isn't selling out – Warpaint retains their identity with a very personal, experimental take on R&B. Heads Up is a double-Buy It.

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