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Songs In a&E (iTunes Exclusive)Songs in A&E available on iTunes

Spiritualized Songs in A&E

Psychedelic shoegazers Spiritualized also have a new album out called Songs in A&E. The“A&E”in the title refers to Britain's“accident and emergency”hospital wards, where Spiritualized founder Jason Pierce recently spent a lot of time due to a near-fatal bout with pneumonia. As Jim and Greg explain, this personal crisis definitely informs much of the album. Greg wishes Pierce had been more concise with this theme, though. He enjoyed the first half of the album, but found that the songs, like Pierce's health, only got weaker. He gives the album a Try It. Jim doesn‘t think Greg enjoyed the album in the correct context. The pace of the record, which includes a number of instrumental interludes, mirrors the band’s live show. He thinks Songs in A&E is the band's best effort since Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and gives it a Buy It.

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Sweet Heart Sweet LightSweet Heart Sweet Light available on iTunes

Spiritualized Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Jason Pierce, the force behind Spiritualized, isn't shy about returning to his inspirations, album after album. There's the noise/melody combo of the Velvet Underground, German art rock, gospel music and free jazz. But melding those elements together well is no small feat. He does it again on Sweet Heart Sweet Light, which Greg says is good, but only 2nd tier. He‘d refer listeners back to 1997’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space. The new one is just a Burn It. Jim is forced to bite his tongue when he hears this, as he sees Sweet Heart Sweet Light as Spiritualized's most optimistic album to date. Pierce has battled a lot of pain and fought liver disease, and the musical result is a masterpiece. Jim says Buy It.

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