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I'm New Here (Bonus Track Version)I'm New Here available on iTunes

Gil Scott-Heron I'm New Here

Gil Scott-Heron also has a new album out– his first in 16 years. The poet and protest singer helped to define hip hop today with his politically charged examinations of our culture. He's had a lot of trouble with drugs and the law in recent years, and these experiences have informed the new record, I'm New Here. Jim wishes Scott-Heron had looked out more than in. Not commenting on some of the changes in the world in the past decade seems like a missed opportunity. He also wishes the tracks hadn't been so overproduced. Jim gives I'm New Here a Trash It. Greg agrees that Scott-Heron's comments on recent events would‘ve been a welcome addition, but he gets the sense that the singer wasn’t present much in the last few years. It's sad for him to hear the patchwork songs, and he gives it a Burn It at best.

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