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Jill Sobule

This week's guest is Jill Sobule. Jill first got attention with her 1995 hit "I Kissed A Girl" (not to be mistaken with the current hit.) So after years of maneuvering through a crumbling music label system, she decided to try something new. Last year she solicited donations from fans directly and raised $75,000. Now she's back with her fan-funded album, California Years. Jill performs songs from the new album, and is also joined by friend and performing partner Julia Sweeney.

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Teenage Dream: The Complete ConfectionTeenage Dream available on iTunes

Katy Perry Teenage Dream

Katy Perry has the number one album this week called Teenage Dream. But, unfortunately her dreaminess may be all she has going for her. The pop singer first made a splash with her hit "I Kissed a Girl." Now for her follow-up, she's paired up with a number of the industry's biggest producers. Jim appreciates bubblegum pop as much as the next person, but only when there's some twist. There's not an ounce of originality on Teenage Dream, so Jim tells people to Trash It. Greg feels like this record was written by a dirty old man rather than a modern woman. And the vocals sound completely digitally edited together. A robot could be singing these tunes, so he agrees: Trash It.

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Music News

Jim and Greg have done many news stories about changing modes of distribution, production and sales in the music industry. But Jill Sobule recently presented a unique idea that caught their eye. They talk to the "I Kissed a Girl" singer about why she decided to ask fans to finance her new record. Depending at what level a fan gives they're entitled to gifts ranging from a free digital download of the album ($10) to a Sobule-recorded instrumental theme song ($500). So far Sobule has raised over $80K. Now listeners just have to wait and hear the result. And, Sobule says she's open to album title names.

Obituaries are sad to be sure, but as Jim explains, they are also an opportunity to honor important artists. Last week German art rock pioneer Klaus Dinger died at the age of 61. Dinger is one of Jim's heroes, so while he was crushed to hear the news of his death, he was also happy he could showcase the musician's work at the top of the show. Dinger was a member of both Kraftwerk and Neu!, two of the most influential Krautrock bands of all time. In fact, without both groups electronica as we know it wouldn‘t exist today. Check out Jim’s blog post about Dinger and listen to his classic Neu! track "Hallogallo."

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