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When Fish Ride BicyclesThe Bake Sale available on iTunes

The Cool Kids The Bake Sale

Jim and Greg have been taking about the fall of MySpace's popularity in recent weeks, but one of the bands to have used it as a launch pad is The Cool Kids. They released The Bake Sale and hits like "Gold and a Pager" in 2008. Now they've switched labels and are working under an interesting new business model. Jim calls the new release When Fish Ride Bicycles a wonderful summer treat. He admits they aren't reinventing the wheel, but Antoine“Sir Michael Rocks”Reed and Evan“Chuck Inglish”Ingersoll are talented lyricists. Jim says Buy It. Greg thought The Cool Kids was a breath of fresh air in the beginning. Now things are smelling a bit stale. He misses their down-to-earth approach and wishes they had passed on some of the fancy guest artists. Greg says clear out the clutter and Burn It.

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