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Fork In the Road (Deluxe Version)Fork in the Road available on iTunes

Neil Young Fork in the Road

One of rock's greatest lyricists, Neil Young, has a new album out this week called Fork in the Road. Young is not only a talented songwriter, but a quick one, and this album is another one of his fast and dirty social statements. For Greg this sounds like recycled Neil. He wishes the musician had put more time into refining the lyrics, as well as the music. It breaks his heart, but Greg gives Fork in the Road a Trash It. Jim can‘t go that far. He agrees that the lyrics are not impressive, but he is inspired by Young’s energy and passion. He gives the album a Try It rating.

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Turkey Shoot 2009

Every year Jim and Greg celebrate Thanksgiving with the Sound Opinions Turkey Shoot. They take out the year's biggest musical turkeys-albums from normally great artists that fell flat. Hope you're hungry…here are six turkeys for your feast.

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