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This week's guests are the members of Art Brut: Eddie Argos, Ian Catskilkin, Jasper Future, Mikey B., and Freddy Feedback. Sound Opinions was anxious to get these Brits on the show after seeing them play at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX. The band, which got its name from a French theory of outsider art, was in Chicago as part of its first U.S. tour, and just released its first album, Bang Bang Rock and Roll, in the U.S. earlier this week.

After lead singer and songwriter Eddie Argos warns the kids to "stay off the crack", we hear a bit of music by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Richman was a major influence on Argos as a songwriter. Argos explains that his career as a musician did not really come easily. After his former bandmates all left to go to university, Argos moved to London for a second try. But there were not many takers, because, as Argos explains, he is not much of a singer and can't play an instrument. Lucky for us, an inebriated Argos was able to convince a few people to join him, and so emerged Art Brut.

What Argos may lack in singing talent and musical ability, he certainly makes up for in personality. In the vein of singers like Damon Albarn and Lou Reed, Argos knows that attitude, wit and a voice are more important than formal training. That voice comes through in songs like "Formed a Band," where he expresses delight in the sheer act of forming a band.“Why not?”he explains to Jim and Greg.“Why can't we get on Top of the Pops?”People who have seen the band (who tours in a 40-foot tour bus) play live know that is a valid question indeed.

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It's a Bit ComplicatedIt's A Bit Complicated available on iTunes

Art Brut It's A Bit Complicated

This week is an all out reviews blowout beginning with the sophomore album from British rock act Art Brut. Jim and Greg were both Art Brut fans from the get-go. They saw them at last year's SXSW Festival and invited them on the show. And once the band's debut album Bang Bang Rock and Roll was released in the States, it immediately soared to the top of both critics‘ Best of 2006 lists. So it’s no exaggeration to say that this follow-up has been highly anticipated. On It's A Bit Complicated, the band sticks to their three-minute garage rock formula that, ironically enough, isn't very complicated at all. But, Jim and Greg explain that Eddie Argos and the band have stepped up their game and amped up the hooks. Argos' earnest and self-deprecating lyrics are still there, making his stories completely relatable, especially for fellow rock obsessives like Jim and Greg. It's A Bit Complicated gets two Buy Its.

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Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out! - SingleBang Bang Rock & Roll available on iTunes

Art Brut Bang Bang Rock & Roll

On their fifth album, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!, post punk band Art Brut continues to rise and fall on the strength of singer Eddie Argos's self-deprecating lyrics. Working in the tradition of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, Argos speak-sings self aware songs full of music nerd references about his own modest music career. Jim and Greg were both huge fans of their 2005 debut album Bang Bang Rock & Roll, but their follow up albums never improved on that album's formula. Greg doesn't find much new on Wham! Bang!… other than some horn arrangements, but declares his undying love for Eddie Argos' persona. Jim, however, finds the new album interesting for turning to a new category of rock cliches to subvert. Instead of“a poor schlub who wants to be in a band but has no talent,”Argos now depicts a sadder figure:“a poor middle-aged schlub who was in a band, but has no talent.”He finds it sadder and more effective than ever.

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