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Blood Orange Angel's Pulse

Dev Haynes has been recording as Blood Orange since 2008, and has released a number of critically acclaimed projects, including Freetown Sound and Negro Swan. Angel's Pulse is the latest release from soulful British singer, songwriter and producer. Comprised mainly of tracks produced all over the world featuring a variety of guests (from Project Pat to Kelsey Lu), Jim thinks that, upon first listen, Angel's Pulse "seems a little scattered"… as if“your Spotify skipped ahead to another artist.” According to Jim,“to Blood Orange, genre doesn't exist.”But in every track, despite the sound, Jim notes that“soul is a common denominator.”Greg agrees that Angel's Pulse has an all over the map approach, consisting of songs like Tuesday Feeling that reminds him of Stevie Wonder or Gold Teeth that beckons to lo-fi Southern Hip Hop. Greg adds that he's just glad to get more music from the artist.

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The Best Songs of 2013 - Mixtapes

We‘ve said goodbye to 2013, and now we want to salute the tunes that wowed us. There’s no better way than with a personal mixtape from Jim and Greg to you.

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