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A Little Bit LongerA Little Bit Longer available on iTunes

Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer

Disney is cashing in big yet again with another group of stylish, singing kids. The Jonas Brothers' new album A Little Bit Longer sold over 500,000 albums in its first week. They're also the first group since N'SYNC to have two albums in the Billboard top ten list in the same week (the other album being their self-titled release). Greg is impressed by Disney's marketing machine, but now understands that all it takes to sell records is cute boys. He doesn't think the album is very good, calling it“mild-mannered”and“chaste.”Jim doesn‘t like it either, but isn’t sold on the chastity. He thinks that "BB Good" is seedier than it appears and is also aggravated by the group's bombastic, Broadway-inspired singing style. He gives it a Trash It. Greg doesn‘t buy into Jim’s theory about a darker Jonas Brothers subtext, but also gives the album a Trash It.

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