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Jim and Greg are joined by Antibalas, a Brooklyn-based afrobeat band. The 12-piece group has specialized in socially aware horn-heavy music inspired by afrobeat artists like Fela Kuti. They've recorded 6 albums, and have also collaborated with other artists like Mark Ronson and The Dap-Kings. The group spoke with Jim and Greg about the messages in their music, notable collaborations, and about how the changing music industry has impacted a band their size.

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Antibalas Security

Antibalas, formerly Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, also has a new album out entitled Security. The Brooklyn-based band, who often plays in the same musical circles as TV on the Radio, modeled itself after Fela Kuti's Africa 70 band. Greg describes them as a true musical collective, and really enjoyed the fiery, polyrhythmic first half of the record. He thinks the second half is a little too subdued, and too controlled however, and can only give Security a Burn It. Jim blames that level of control and“sterility”on producer John McEntire, of Tortoise. He calls Security the coolest album that McIntyre has produced to date, but wishes it was a little more accessible, and a little less“skronky.”He also gives it a Burn It.

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AntibalasAntibalas available on iTunes

Antibalas Antibalas

Jim and Greg close out the show by reviewing the new, self-titled album from Brooklyn afrobeat band Antibalas. This is the fifth studio album from a group whose sound is largely the product of one man - Nigerian saxophone player and afrobeat inventor Fela Kuti. Kuti forged afrobeat from American jazz, African highlife, and tribal music, infusing the mix with potent political commentary. Antibalas are devotees of Fela, and recently played in and arranged the music for Fela! on Broadway. Jim's verdict: if you don‘t get an itch to start dancing listening to this music, you don’t have a pulse. Antibalas aren‘t slaves to Fela’s legacy. They too are political, but they're singing about modern day issues like the economy and immigration. Greg also observes that unlike the autocratic Fela, Antibalas is a democracy. There are some fine solos on this record, but what's really thrilling is how the band works together. Antibalas gets a double Buy It.

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Sound Opinions Live!

We frequently welcome musicians to our studios, but we can't always air every performance. This week, Jim and Greg play some of their favorite exclusive in-studio performances, like a memorable one from New Orleans R&B legend Allen Toussaint recorded back in 2014. They also share some never before heard performances from artists like afrobeat collective Antibalas, art rock/punk group Girlpool, gospel/hip hop artist Sir The Baptist and more.

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