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It's entirely possible that two of 2009's biggest hits will have come from reality TV stars. This week both Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent and Adam Lambert from American Idol have new albums out. While neither singer actually won his or her respective talent competition, both are poised to have huge hit debuts. Boyle has already broken Amazon's record for most pre-sales, and some sources predict sales in the millions. Lambert shocked some audiences at last week's American Music Awards, but perhaps the controversial performance, or perhaps because of it, he could sell over 200,000 albums in his first week. Greg admires Lambert's attempt to break out of the pristine Idol mold, but doesn't think the record goes far enough.

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Music News

Jim and Greg kick off the show by announcing the winner of the annual Eurovision Song Contest, which Jim describes as American Idol on steroids. Over 125 million people watched Sweden's Loreen take the prize in Baku, Azerbaijan for her track "Euphoria." But it was the Russian Grannies from Buranovo who won people's hearts with their unique party song.

American Idol continues to dominate the pop world, all while it slips a little bit in the television one. Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert has the #1 album this week beating out fellow Idol alum Carrie Underwood. But, this comes after the show aired its lowest rated finale to date. Greg wonders if viewers were underwhelmed by the crowning of another“white guy with a guitar.”Or, are there just too many music contests like The Voice and Duets crowding the airwaves? Does this over-saturation mean that Idol will never produce another Lambert, Underwood, Clarkson or Daughtry? Perhaps. And maybe you say, "Good riddance."

Also in the news, Amanda Palmer just reached a huge milestone in the era of the fan-funded album. Using Kickstarter, the Dresden Dolls singer raised over $1 million for her new album - ten times what she wanted. In return for these donations, Palmer will have to do everything from provide digital downloads to participate in an art sitting. And of course, she'll have to pony up to Uncle Sam as well.

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