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Buried Treasures & Peter Lewis of Moby Grape

Featured Songs

  1. Altin Gün, Leyla, Gece, ATO, 2019
  2. Moby Grape, Omaha, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  3. Mini Meltdowns, I Wanna Die, I Wanna Die (Single), Good Land, 2019
  4. Clive Tanaka 7 Su Orquesta, Popular Lips, Pre-Sunrise Authority, Gotta Groove, 2019
  5. Jade Jackson, City Lights, Wilderness, ANTI-, 2019
  6. Future Silence, Kansas Plains, Future Silence, Half a Cow, 2019
  7. Lady Lamb, Even in the Tremor, Even in the Tremor, Ba Da Bing!, 2019
  8. Reunion Island, Rokka, Collapse, Tall Corn Music, 2019
  9. Joan Shelley, Coming Down For You, Like The River Loves The Sea, No Quarter, 2019
  10. Sasquatch Turf War, The Conversation Piece, Sasquatch Turf War, Cavetone, 2018
  11. Temples, Hot Motion, Hot Motion, ATO, 2019
  12. Moby Grape, Omaha, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  13. Moby Grape, I Am Not Willing, Moby Grape '69, Columbia, 1969
  14. Moby Grape, 805, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  15. Moby Grape, Hey Grandma, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  16. The Golden Palominos, Omaha, Visions of Excess, Celluloid, 1985
  17. Moby Grape, Changes, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  18. Moby Grape, Someday, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  19. Jefferson Airplane, Blues From An Airplane, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, RCA Victor, 1966
  20. Buffalo Springfield, For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield, Atco, 1967
  21. Moby Grape, Come In The Morning, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  22. Moby Grape, Changes (Live), Vintage: The Very Best of Moby Grape, Columbia, 1993
  23. Moby Grape, Fall On You, Moby Grape, Columbia, 1967
  24. Moby Grape, Seeing, Moby Grape '69, Columbia, 1969
  25. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Down By The River, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Reprise, 1969
  26. Skip Spence, Little Hands, Oar, Columbia, 1969
  27. Peter Lewis, Only A Fool, The Road To Zion, Omad, 2019
  28. Wilson Pickett, 634-5797 (Soulsville, USA), The Exciting Wilson Pickett, Atlantic, 1966
  29. Merle Haggard, Big City, Big City, Epic, 1981
  30. Stevie Wonder, Do I Do, Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium I, Tamla, 1982
  31. The Meters, Cissy Strut, The Meters, Josie, 1969
  32. Duran Duran, Rio, Rio, EMI, 1982
  33. Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship, A Child Is Coming, Blows Against the Empire, RCA Victor, 1970
  34. King Curtis & The Kingpins, Memphis Soul Stew, King Size Soul, Atco, 1967