21st Century Protest Music & Opinions on Robyn

Jim and Greg discuss the impact of protest music in the 21st century and name a few of their favorite tracks from the genre from the last 18 years. They also review Robyn's new album, Honey, and Greg chooses a favorite song to add to the Desert Island Jukebox.

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Robyn Honey

Swedish pop singer Robyn has returned after an eight year hiatus with her new album, Honey. Her previous three records (Body Talk Pt. 1, Body Talk Pt. 2 and Body Talk) established her dominance in the pop music scene with jams like "Dancing On My Own" and "Call Your Girlfriend." Greg notes that Robyn's forte is writing moving and sad songs to a beat that's melodic and danceable as heck! He says she's hitting her stride with this record. Jim is also glad she's back, and points out that this record goes well with the rest of the show about protest music because it demonstrates that club songs can be introspective and meaningful too. He thinks that Honey, this vibrant, bittersweet record, is just right for 2018.


Modern Protest Songs

In response to a listener's inquiry, Jim and Greg share protest songs written since the year 2000. They say their picks carry on the spirit of the labor movement of the 1930s, the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s and the anti-Cold War movement of the 1980s.



“Who Do You Love”Bo Diddley

Greg takes us back to the desert island with a selection by an artist that Jimmy Page recently cited as an inspiration for the founding of Led Zeppelin: pioneering rocker Bo Diddley. Bo Diddley introduced the hambone beat to rock, which later became known as the Bo Diddley beat - a rhythm with Afro-Carribean roots. His signature sound and swagger are clear on Greg's pick, "Who Do You Love." While Led Zeppelin's debut celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, Bo Diddley's self-titled debut album celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Featured Songs

  1. Robyn, Ever Again, Honey, Konichiwa, 2018
  2. Robyn, Honey, Honey, Konichiwa, 2018
  3. Robyn, Missing U, Honey, Konichiwa, 2018
  4. Robyn, Dancing On My Own, Body Talk Pt. 1, Konichiwa, 2010
  5. Robyn, Human Being (feat. Zhala), Honey, Konichiwa, 2018
  6. Robyn, Send to Robin Immediately, Honey, Konichiwa, 2018
  7. Robyn, Because It's In The Music, Honey, Konichiwa, 2018
  8. Country Joe & the Fish, The ‘Fish’ Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag, I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die, Vanguard, 1967
  9. Woody Guthrie, Tear the Fascists Down, My Dusty Road, Rounder, 2009
  10. Billie Holiday, Strange Fruit, Strange Fruit (Single), Commodore, 1939
  11. Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction, Eve of Destruction, Dunhill, 1965
  12. Ramones, My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg), Animal Boy, Sire, 1986
  13. Downtown Boys, Wave of History, Full Communism, Don Giovanni, 2015
  14. Joey Bada$$, LAND OF THE FREE, All-Amerikkkan Bada$$, Cinematic Music Group, 2017
  15. Kendrick Lamar, Alright, To Pimp a Butterfly, Aftermath, 2015
  16. Superchunk, Break The Glass, What A Time To Be Alive, Merge, 2018
  17. Childish Gambino, This is America, Self-Released, N/A, 2018
  18. IDLES, Great, Joy as an Act of Resistance, Partisan, 2018
  19. Lynzy Lab Stewart, It Sure Is a Scary Time for Men, Self-Released, N/A, 2018
  20. Camp Cope, The Face of God, How to Socialise & Make Friends, Run For Cover, 2018
  21. Against Me!, True Trans Soul Rebel, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Resist, 2014
  22. The Last Poets, The Bridge, Understand What Black Is, Studio Rockers, 2018
  23. Bo Diddley, Pretty Thing, Bo Diddley, Chess, 1958
  24. Muddy Waters, Mannish Boy, Mannish Boy (single), Chess, 1955
  25. Bo Diddley, Who Do You Love, Bo Diddley, Chess, 1958
  26. John Lennon, Jealous Guy, Imagine, Apple, 1971
  27. Chris Montez, Call Me, Call Me (single), A&M, 1966
  28. The Beths, Future Me Hates Me, Future Me Hates Me, Carpark, 2018
  29. R. Dean Taylor, Candy Apple Red, Candy Apple Red (single), Rare Earth, 1971
  30. The Doors, The End, The Doors, Elektra, 1967
  31. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Spellbound, Juju, Polydor, 1981
  32. Greta Van Fleet, Age of Man, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, Republic, 2018
  33. Wolfmother, Woman, Wolfmother, Modular, 2005