Scary Songs For Halloween & Opinions on Greta Van Fleet

Jim and Greg celebrate Halloween this week with a few of their favorite genre-spanning scary songs. Plus, we hear a selection of scary tunes nominated by listeners from around the country. They'll also give their opinions on the debut album from rock band Greta Van Fleet.

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Scary Songs

Jim and Greg are back with a batch of Scary Songs for Halloween. Fire up the jack-o'-lantern, fill the candy bowl, and listen to these songs:

reviewAnthem of the Peaceful ArmyAnthem of the Peaceful Army available on iTunes

Greta Van Fleet Anthem of the Peaceful Army

The rock band Greta Van Fleet just released its anticipated debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army. The young band hails from Frankenmuth, Michigan and its members are students of rock and roll, which is obviously evident on Anthem. Greg says there's no denying that GVF is imitating the titans of rock history, Led Zeppelin, but notes that they aren't the first to do so. From vocals to sonic style to costumes to lyrics, this band tries to emulate the magic of Led Zeppelin I. While Greg believes the group has musical chops, he wishes the band would create an original sound and album. Jim pokes fun at the albums' serious and dramatic lyrics by reciting a poem made up of one line from each song on the record. He feels like the band members are in costume, wishes they would be more original and take themselves a little less seriously.


Featured Songs

  1. The Cure, Subway Song, Three Imaginary Boys, Fiction, 1979
  2. Greta Van Fleet, Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer), Anthem of the Peaceful Army, Republic, 2018
  3. Greta Van Fleet, Age of Man, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, Republic, 2018
  4. John Carpenter, Halloween - Main Theme, John Carpenter Film Music: Halloween, Silva, 2002
  5. The Specials, Ghost Town, Ghost Town, 2 Tone, 1981
  6. Scott Walker, Jesse, The Drift, 4AD, 2006
  7. Queen, Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…), A Night at the Opera, EMI, 1975
  8. Skinny Puppy, Killing Game, Last Rights, Nettwerk, 1992
  9. Aphex Twin, Heroes Symphony (Aphex Twin Remix), 26 Mixes For Cash, Warp, 2003
  10. Bloodrock, D.O.A., Bloodrock 2, Capitol, 1970
  11. Nina Simone, Pirate Jenny, Nina Simone in Concert, Philips, 1964
  12. Lupe Fiasco, Put You on Game, The Cool, 1st & 15th, 2007
  13. 10cc, I'm Not in Love, The Original Soundtrack, Mercury, 1975
  14. Sonic Youth, Kotton Krown, Sister, SST, 1987
  15. Neko Case, Deep Red Bells, Blacklisted, Bloodshot, 2002
  16. Bruce Springsteen, State Trooper, Nebraska, Columbia, 1982
  17. Peter Gabriel, Intruder, Peter Gabriel (Melt), Mercury, 1980
  18. Joy Division, Dead Souls, Licht und Blindheit, Sordide Sentimental, 1980
  19. Greta Van Fleet, When the Curtain Falls, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, Republic, 2018
  20. Greta Van Fleet, Mountain of the Sun, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, Republic, 2018
  21. Led Zeppelin, When the Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin IV, Atlantic, 1971
  22. The Mothers of Invention, You Didn't Try to Call Me, Freak Out!, Verve, 1966
  23. Cat Stevens, I Think I See the Light, Mona Bone Jakon, A&M, 1970
  24. Wendy Carlos, Title Music from A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, Warner Bros., 1972
  25. Kimya Dawson, So Nice So Smart, Knock-Knock Who?, Important, 2004
  26. The Smiths, There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, The Queen Is Dead, Rough Trade, 1986
  27. Angelo Badalamenti, Twin Peaks Theme, Soundtrack from Twin Peaks, Warner Bros., 1990
  28. Bobby Vinton, Blue Velvet, Blue on Blue, Epic, 1963