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Al Green's The Belle Album & Opinions on Taylor Swift

Featured Songs

  1. Taylor Swift, Delicate, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  2. Al Green, I'm Still in Love with You, I'm Still In Love with You, Hi, 1972
  3. Jackie Wilson, Baby Workout, Baby Workout (single), Brunswick, 1960
  4. Al Greene, Back Up Train, Back Up Train, Hot Line Music Journal, 1967
  5. Al Green, Tired of Being Alone, Al Green Gets Next to You, Hi, 1971
  6. Al Green, Let's Stay Together, Let's Stay Together, Hi, 1971
  7. Willie Mitchell, Groovin', Solid Soul, Hi, 1967
  8. Al Green, Love and Happiness, I'm Still In Love with You, Hi, 1972
  9. Al Green, Jesus is Waiting, Call Me, Hi, 1973
  10. Al Green, Dream, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  11. Al Green, I Feel Good, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  12. Al Green, All ‘n’ All, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  13. Al Green, Chariots of Fire, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  14. Al Green, Belle, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  15. Al Green featuring Anthony Hamilton, You've Got the Love I Need, Lay It Down, Blue Note, 2008
  16. Al Green, Georgia Boy, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  17. Al Green, Feels Like Summer, The Belle Album, Hi, 1977
  18. Al Green, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, I'll Rise Again, The Right Stuff, 1983
  19. Al Green, I'm Glad You're Mine, I'm Still In Love with You, Hi, 1972
  20. Taylor Swift, I Did Something Bad, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  21. Taylor Swift, Getaway Car, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  22. Taylor Swift, So It Goes…, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  23. Taylor Swift, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  24. Taylor Swift, Gorgeous, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  25. Taylor Swift, Call It What You Want (Live on SNL), reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  26. Taylor Swift, End Game, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  27. Taylor Swift, New Year's Day, reputation, Big Machine, 2017
  28. Jethro Tull, Back to the Family, Stand Up, Island, 1969
  29. Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick, Part I, Thick as a Brick, Chrysalis, 1972
  30. Phish, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Live Phish Vol. 13, Elektra, 1994
  31. The Tragically Hip, Ahead by a Century, Trouble at the Henhouse, MCA, 1996