Christmas Spectacular 2006 with Andy Cirzan

Christmas Music Spectacular 2006

Ho Ho Ho! It's the Sound Opinions annual Christmas Music Spectacular with the show's official Kris Kringle, Andy Cirzan. Mr. Cirzan is back with another collection of weird, wacky, and ever-so-merry holiday songs for your listening pleasure.

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Christmas Spectacular 2008

It's the Sound Opinions Christmas Spectacular! Every year Jim and Greg hand the show's reigns over to the official Sound Opinions holiday music curator, Andy Cirzan (aka DJ Lo-Fi). By day, Cirzan is the Vice President of Concerts at Jam Productions, the largest independent concert promoter in the country. But by night, Cirzan scours the earth to find rare, and often times wacky, holiday music to add to his collection. This year is no exception.

  1. "Holiday Proclamation…"
  2. Dick Huemer & Camarata, "Futuristic Christmas Tree"
  3. Patty Marie Jay, "Space Age Santa Claus"
  4. Donna & the Dees, "I Know There's A Santa Claus"
  5. Duke Ellington Orchestra, "Dasher"
  6. The Sisterhood (by Eugenia), "I'm Santa Claus"
  7. Magnus T. Cook, "Snow Bunny"
  8. Margo Guryan, "I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You"
  9. The Wilson Sisters, "Little Klinker"
  10. Israfel's Son, "Rudolph Pouts"
  11. "Snowkenstein Speaks!"
  12. Sylvia Reid, "Christmas Rock 'N Roll"
  13. The Mar-Teks, "Twinkletoes"
  14. Ben Hinds, "All I want For Christmas Is A Go-Go Girl"
  15. The Free Design, "Shepherds & Wisemen"
  16. Lalo Schifrin, "Joy To The World"