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Shoegaze (Genre Dissection) & Big Boi Review

Featured Songs

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Don't Ask Me No Questions, Second Helping, MCA, 1974
  2. The Smiths, Ask, single, Rough Trade, 1986
  3. Paul McCartney,“Somewhere,”unreleased live performance, 2008
  4. My Bloody Valentine, Only Shallow, Loveless, Creation, 1991
  5. The Velvet Underground, Sister Ray, White Light/White Heat, Verve, 1968
  6. The Byrds, Eight Miles High, Fifth Dimension, Columbia, 1966
  7. Cocteau Twins, Lorelei, Treasure, 4AD, 1984
  8. My Bloody Valentine, To Here Knows When, Loveless, Creation, 1991
  9. My Bloody Valentine, I Only Said, Loveless, Creation, 1991
  10. My Bloody Valentine, Blown a Wish, Loveless, Creation, 1991
  11. Lush, Thoughtforms, Mad Love EP, 4AD, 1990
  12. Lush, Lovelife, Split, 4AD, 1994
  13. Ride, Dreams Burn Down, Nowhere, Creation, 1990
  14. Ride, I Don't Know Where It Comes From, Carnival of Light, Creation, 1994
  15. Slowdive, Sing, Souvlaki, Creation, 1993
  16. Slowdive, Richard, Hide Your Eyes, bootleg, 2011
  17. Slowdive, Shine, single, Creation, 1991
  18. The Besnard Lakes, Albatross, The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night, Jagjaguwar, 2010
  19. Big Boi, Mama Told Me (feat. Kelly Rowland), Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, Purple Ribbon/Def Jam, 2012
  20. Big Boi, Apple of My Eye, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, Purple Ribbon/Def Jam, 2012
  21. Big Boi, Descending (feat. Little Dragon), Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, Purple Ribbon/Def Jam, 2012
  22. The Beatles, Any Time at All, A Hard Day's Night, Parlophone, 1964
  23. Alicia Keys, Listen to Your Heart, Girl on Fire, RCA, 2012
  24. Beck, I Just Started Hating Some People Today, I Just Started Hating People Today (Single), Third Man Records, 2012
  25. The Golden Palominos, Boy (Go), Visions of Excess, Celluloid, 1985