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The BellRays & Reviews of Tom Petty and Pharrell

Highway CompanionHighway Companion available on iTunes

Tom Petty Highway Companion

The hosts return to rock critic mode and review Tom Petty's new solo record, Highway Companion. This is Petty's 18th album in a 30-year career, though only three of these releases have been solo efforts. According to Jim and Greg, Highway Companion is not just a solo record in name. Petty played almost all of the instruments and wrote all of the songs, and the album reflects that. Many of the songs sound like Petty wrote them alone in his bedroom while trying to work out the travails of his past, like a bitter divorce and the death of former Heartbreaker Howie Epstein. The result is a quiet, rather dark album that both Jim and Greg found very moving (albeit sleepy). Petty comes off as rather sad, but also hopeful, and Greg muses that perhaps it is the music providing him comfort. Highway Companion gets two Buy Its.