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Halloween Special 2011 & Tom Waits Review

Tune in for Sound Opinions' annual Halloween celebration featuring scary tunes nominated by listeners from around the country. Plus, Jim and Greg review the new release from the king of creep-rock, Tom Waits.

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Scary Songs

It's everyone's favorite time of year: Halloween! This is one of our most requested shows, so Jim and Greg are back with another installment of Scary Songs for the season. Here are their 2011 picks:

reviewBad As Me (Deluxe Version)Bad As Me available on iTunes

Tom Waits Bad As Me

Whenever we solicit nominations for Halloween songs, one name comes up time and time again: Tom Waits. The boozy saloon crooner has a creepy voice, and dark, edgy narratives to match. His latest is called Bad As Me, and yes, Jim says, that about sums it up. He hasn't been a fan of Waits since his Swordfishtrombones days, calling the singer/songwriter shticky and grating. This album is no different, and he says Trash It. Greg is a little surprised, considering this is Waits' most accessible, hook-laden effort in years. What Jim calls shtick, he calls theatricality. And he admits that sometimes the theatricality obscures the plain good songwriting, rooted in old blues. Greg especially likes the collaboration with keyboardist Augie Myers. He says Bad As Me is a Buy It.


Featured Songs

  1. John Carpenter, Halloween - Main Theme, John Carpenter Film Music: Halloween, Silva, 2002
  2. The Cure, Subway Song, Three Imaginary Boys, Fiction, 1979
  3. The Specials, Ghost Town, Ghost Town, 2 Tone, 1981
  4. Scott Walker, Jesse, The Drift, 4AD, 2006
  5. Queen, Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…), A Night at the Opera, EMI, 1975
  6. Skinny Puppy, Killing Game, Last Rights, Nettwerk, 1992
  7. Aphex Twin, Heroes Symphony (Aphex Twin Remix), 26 Mixes For Cash, Warp, 2003
  8. Bloodrock, D.O.A., Bloodrock 2, Capitol, 1970
  9. Nina Simone, Pirate Jenny, Nina Simone in Concert, Philips, 1964
  10. Lupe Fiasco, Put You on Game, The Cool, 1st & 15th, 2007
  11. 10cc, I'm Not in Love, The Original Soundtrack, Mercury, 1975
  12. Sonic Youth, Kotton Krown, Sister, SST, 1987
  13. Neko Case, Deep Red Bells, Blacklisted, Bloodshot, 2002
  14. Bruce Springsteen, State Trooper, Nebraska, Columbia, 1982
  15. Peter Gabriel, Intruder, Peter Gabriel (Melt), Mercury, 1980
  16. Joy Division, Dead Souls, Licht und Blindheit, Sordide Sentimental, 1980
  17. Tom Waits, Chicago, Bad as Me, ANTI-, 2011
  18. Tom Waits, Raised Right Men, Bad as Me, ANTI-, 2011
  19. Tom Waits, Dave the Butcher, Swordfishtrombones, Island, 1982
  20. Cut Copy, Saturdays, Bright Like Neon Love, Modular, 2004
  21. Cat Power, Aretha, Sing One for Me, Jukebox, Matador, 2008
  22. Laura Veirs, Carol Kaye, Judy Flame, Raven Marching Band, 2010
  23. Cheap Trick, Surrender, Heaven Tonight, Epic, 1978
  24. Mos Def, Perfect Timing, True Magic, Geffen, 2006

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