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The Swell Season & Opinions on Sons and Daughters and The Cool Kids

The Swell Season

This week we listen back to Jim and Greg's 2008 interview with Glen Hansard and Mark‘eta Irglov’a of The Swell Season and the film Once. Glen and Mark‘eta had come in town as part of a whirlwind tour they can attribute to Once’s success. The modest film became a surprise hit with audiences and critics. They went on to win the Oscar for the film's tune "Falling Slowly," and launched a worldwide tour. Now as a kind of real-life postscript to Once, there's a new documentary called The Swell Season that chronicles their rise to success and the end of their relationship. At the time of their conversation with Jim and Greg, the media frenzy was just beginning. Glen, who is also the front man of the Irish band The Frames and opened for Eddie Vedder's summer tour, explains that he's extremely grateful for the success, but wishes he hadn‘t become so media savvy. Mark’eta, on the other hand, just doesn‘t see the chemistry everyone else is impressed by. For her, the movie just captured the way she and Glen really made music. One thing that hasn’t changed with all the fame is Glen's guitar; it's so beat up that its manufacturer is embarrassed. Lucky for us, the sound is nothing to be embarrassed about.