Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures

It's time again for one of Jim and Greg's favorite shows: Buried Treasures. They'll unearth some hidden musical gems that deserve your attention.

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Music News

This week saw a major turn of events for the music industry. For almost as long as rock has existed, Elvis Presley has been“The King.”He earned this moniker not just for being worshipped by fans, but also for being the reigning leader in record sales. Well, it looks like the king is about to be overthrown…by Garth Brooks. According to the RIAA, the country star is only 2.5 million copies shy of reaching Elvis‘ record of 118.5 million albums sold. Jim notes that some“fuzzy math”is responsible for this achievement (as is often the case when electing new leaders). Brooks’ recent five-CD boxed set, The Limited Series, has been repackaged and remarketed, and while profits have not been huge, each boxed set actually counts for five separate sales. So at that rate, Brooks (and Gaines?) is sure to catch up to our original down-home legend. Greg is concerned that come Armageddon, when we are judged not by our sins, but by our music purchases, we will all face a very dark fate.

Residents of the Sydney suburb Rockdale face no less dark a fate. It was recently announced that for the next six months, the music of Barry Manilow will be blasted throughout the streets in order to curb the bad behavior of the local riff-raff. The city council hopes that this "daggy" music will send the young "hoons," who enjoy cruising the streets and blasting their own "doof" music, back home where they belong. The idea has been tried before down under with the the un-cool croonings of Bing Crosby. But Jim and Greg have their own ideas of musical torture. Jim thinks that the relentless cacophony of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, would send citizens running. And for Greg, it's simple—he only needs to hear the opening violin riff in "Ants Marching" by the Dave Matthews Band, and he's gone.

Soul singer and keyboardist Billy Preston passed away this week at the age of 59. Preston is best known as "The Fifth Beatle," because of the recording credit he received for performing "Get Back" with the band. But, as Jim and Greg explain, this title overshadowed his other contributions to music. Preston had his own hits with "Will It Go Round in Circles" and "Nothing From Nothing", and he co-wrote Joe Cocker's chart-topper, "You Are So Beautiful." He also recorded with The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Sly & the Family Stone, and earned the distinction of being the first musical guest invited to appear on Saturday Night Live. Greg will particularly remember Preston's pioneering use of the synthesizer in songs like "Outa Space."


Buried Treasures

This week, Jim and Greg have some Buried Treasures to unearth. This is one of their favorite shows, in which they dig deep for musical gems that you may not have heard, but certainly should. This time around the booty includes:

  1. Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin, Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited
  2. Midlake, Bamnan & Slivercork
  3. Joan Jett, Sinner
  4. Parts & Labor, Stay Afraid
  5. tapes 'n tapes, The Loon
  6. Eleventh Dream Day, Zeroes and Ones
  7. Goldstars, Purple Girlfriend
  8. Calexico, Garden Ruin
  9. Rainer Maria, Catasrophe Keeps Us Together
  10. Tom Verlaine, Around

We also heard some Buried Treasure picks from callers. These listeners recommend you check out the following:

  1. Apostle of Hustle, Folkloric Feel
  2. Richard Hawley, Coles Corner
  3. Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, The Dust of Retreat
  4. The Living Things, Ahead of the Lions
  5. Guillemots, Trains to Brazil

Featured Songs

  1. Garth Brooks,“Friends in Low Places,”Fences, 1990
  2. Barry Manilow,“Looks Like We‘ve Made It,”This One’s For You, 1976
  3. Barry Manilow,“Mandy,”Barry Manilow II, 1974
  4. Lou Reed,“Metal Machine Music Pt. 1”Metal Machine Music, 1975
  5. Dave Matthews Band,“Ants Marching,”Under the Table and Dreaming, 1993
  6. Billy Preston,“Will It Go Round in Circles,”Music is My Life, 1972
  7. Billy Preston,“Out of Space,”I Wrote a Simple Song, 1971
  8. Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin,“A Song for Sorry Angel,”Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited, 2006
  9. Midlake,“Roscoe,”Trials of Van Occupanther, 2006
  10. Joan Jett,“Change the World,”Sinner, 2006
  11. Parts & Labor,“The Great Divide”Stay Afraid, 2006
  12. Apostle of Hustle,“Animal Fat,”Folkloric Feel, 2004
  13. Richard Hawley,“Cole's Corner,”Cole's Corner, 2005
  14. Margot & the Nuclear So and So's,“Skeleton Key,”The Dust of Retreat, 2006
  15. Tapes 'n Tapes,“The Illiad,”The Loon, 2005
  16. Eleventh Dream Day,“Lately I've Been Thinking,”Zeroes and Ones, 2006
  17. Goldstars,“Purple Girlfriend,”Purple Girlfriend, 2006
  18. Goldstars,“Fire,”Purple Girlfriend, 2006
  19. Calexico,“Letter to Bowie Knife,”Garden Ruin, 2006
  20. Living Things,“End Gospel,”Black Skies in Broad Daylight, 2004
  21. Guillemots,“Trains to Brazil,”From the Cliffs, 2006
  22. Rainer Maria,“I'll Keep it With Mine,”Catastrophe Keeps Us Together, 2006
  23. Tom Verlaine,“From Her Fingers,”Songs and Other Things, 2006


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