Copyright Criminals

Copyright Criminals & Opinions on R.E.M.

Jim and Greg look at the role of sampling in music today. They talk about the history of this postmodern art form and subsequent legal debates with Kembrew McLeod, producer of Copyright Criminals.

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Copyright Criminals

Musicians throughout time, from Igor Stravinsky to MC Hammer to Girl Talk, owe a great debt to sampling. The act of quoting, re-contextualizing or“stealing”from other artists has become an art form in itself. But the practice of sampling has also caused a lot of controversy when it comes to the law and ideas about intellectual property. So Jim and Greg spend the bulk of today's episode digging into sampling. First they talk to Kembrew McLeod, a filmmaker and professor of communication studies at the University of Iowa. His latest documentary, Copyright Criminals, examines debates about the value and legality of sampling.

Jim and Greg also play their favorite sample-based songs:

reviewCollapse Into NowCollapse Into Now available on iTunes

R.E.M. Collapse Into Now

It's hard to believe, but R.E.M. has put out its fifteenth album. The formerly indie quartet from Athens is now a major label trio, and many fans have been waiting for a“return to form.”Well, they get it with Collapse Into Now…sort of. As Jim and Greg explain, the record is full of nods to older R.E.M. material, but nothing as strong. Why not just sit back and listen to the albums from the '80s and '90s? They add that the loss of drummer Bill Berry keeps getting magnified as the years go by. Collapse Into Now gets a double Burn It.


Featured Songs

  1. MC Hammer, U Can't Touch This, Please Hammer, Don‘t Hurt ’Em, Capitol, 1990
  2. Public Enemy, Can We Get A Witness?, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, Def Jam, 1988
  3. Beastie Boys, Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun, Paul's Boutique, Capitol, 1989
  4. Danger Mouse, What More Can I Say, The Grey Album, self-released, 2004
  5. Girl Talk, In Step, Feed The Animals, Illegal Art, 2008
  6. Parliament, Flash Light, Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome, Casablanca, 1977
  7. Slick Rick, Children's Story, The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick, Def Jam, 1988
  8. The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony, Urban Hymns, Virgin, 1997
  9. The Andrew Oldham Orchestra, The Last Time, The Rolling Stones Songbook, Decca, 1966
  10. Beck, Loser, Mellow Gold, DGC, 1994
  11. John Oswald, Power, Plunderphonics 69/96, Seeland, 2001
  12. Celeste Legaspi, Magtaksil Man Ikaw (Bolero Medley), Bagong Plaka, Lumang Kanta Vol. 2, Universal, 1980
  13. Lupe Fiasco, Kick, Push, Lupe Fiasco's Food And Liquor, Atlantic, 2006
  14. Public Enemy, Welcome To The Terrordome, Fear Of A Black Planet, Def Jam, 1990
  15. A Tribe Called Quest, Can I Kick It?, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, Jive, 1990
  16. Deee-Lite, Groove Is In The Heart, World Clique, Elektra, 1990
  17. DJ Shadow, Stem,/Long Stem/Transmission 2, Endtroducing, Mo Wax, 1996
  18. R.E.M., Mine Smell Like Honey, Collapse Into Now, Warner Bros., 2011
  19. R.E.M., Discoverer, Collapse Into Now, Warner Bros., 2011
  20. R.E.M., Endgame, Out Of Time, Warner Bros., 1991
  21. Phoenix, Long Distance Call, It's Never Been Like That, Astralwerks, 2006
  22. Vaselines, Sex With An X, Sex With An X, Sub Pop, 2010
  23. Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Buddy's Advice, Keep On Moving, Elektra, 1969

Footnotes Copyright Criminals film R.E.M.