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Mixtapes 2010, Quincy Jones, & Opinions on Michael Jackson

Jim and Greg present their 2010 Mixtapes with their favorite songs of the year. They'll also review the new posthumous release by Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson Michael

Following the death of Michael Jackson, Jim and Greg predicted there would be an onslaught of posthumous releases. Now the first has been released. Michael is made up of 10 tracks from Jackson's archives, gussied up by producers like Teddy Riley, John McClain and Lenny Kravitz. There's been some controversy as to whether or not this is Jackson's voice, and Riley admits there was quite a bit of processing – too much, if you ask Jim and Greg. While Greg admires the sparsest, most emotional track, "Much Too Soon," the rest of the album is really hurting. And the awful production completely destroys what Jackson might have been intending with those tracks. Jim was not a fan of Jackson's material from the past fifteen years, but he respects Jackson's perfectionist nature. Surely such a perfectionist wouldn't have released these overblown clunkers. Michael gets a double Trash It.


Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones One of the figures in the music industry most closely associated with Michael Jackson is producer Quincy Jones. The multi-Grammy Award winner also had a long-standing relationship with Frank Sinatra and was the force behind "We Are the World". Jim and Greg spoke to Jones shortly before the release of Michael and asked him about whether some of these songs were better left unreleased. Jones believes that money will be at the core of lot of decision-making around Jackson's legacy. Jim and Greg also talk to Jones about his latest record Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, which features Jones tracks updated by Amy Winehouse, Ludacris, Talib Kweli and more.


The Best Songs of 2010 - Mixtapes

At the end of each year, Jim and Greg look back and pick out their favorite songs to make you a mixtape. Think of it as a soundtrack for 2010. They both play samples of the mix during the show, but you can stream both compilations in their entirety.

Featured Songs

  1. Michael Jackson, Breaking News, Michael, Epic, 2010
  2. Michael Jackson, Much Too Soon, Michael, Epic, 2010
  3. Michael Jackson, Behind the Mask, Michael, Epic, 2010
  4. Quincy Jones, Soul Bossa Nostra, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, Interscope, 2010
  5. Dinah Washington, Makin' Whoopee, The Swingin' Miss "D, " EmArcy Records, 1956
  6. Quincy Jones, It's My Party, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, Interscope, 2010
  7. Frank Sinatra, Fly Me To The Moon, Sinatra at the Sands, Reprise, 1966
  8. Quincy Jones, P.Y.T., Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, Interscope, 2010
  9. Efterklang, Modern Drift, Magic Chairs, 4AD, 2010
  10. MGMT, I Found a Whistle, Congratulations, Columbia, 2010
  11. Spoon, Got Nuffin, Transference, Merge, 2010
  12. Apteka, The Sheet, Traitors EP, Self-Released, 2010
  13. Retribution Gospel Choir, Hide It Away, 2, Sub Pop, 2010
  14. The Flashbulb, The Great Pumpkins Tape, Arboreal, Alphabasic, 2010
  15. Kanye West, Runaway, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Roc-A-Fella, 2010
  16. Sex Bob-omb, Garbage Truck, Scott Pilgrim vs the World Soundtrack, ABKCO, 2010
  17. Sade, Soldier of Love, Soldier of Love, Epic, 2010
  18. The Besnard Lakes, Chicago Train, Are the Roaring Night, Jagjaguwar, 2010
  19. Arcade Fire, Modern Man, The Suburbs, Merge, 2010
  20. Aretha Franklin, Call Me, This Girl's in Love with You, Atlantic, 1970
  21. Janelle Monae, Neon Valley Street, The ArchAndroid, Bad Boy, 2010
  22. Arcade Fire, City With No Children, The Suburbs, Merge, 2010
  23. Teebs, Double Fifth, Ardour, Brainfeeder, 2010
  24. Antony & The Johnsons, Thank you for your love, Swanlights, Secretly Canadian, 2010

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