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Michael Rother of Neu! & Opinions on Robyn and Superchunk

Music News

With CD sales down by 50%, the music industry has been counting on digital sales, which have been climbing steadily for the past few years. But now, according to Nielsen, digital sales have stalled. Most analysts attribute previously high sales to consumers wanting to replace their physical music with digital files. But now most people have digitized their collection and the flurry of sales have ended. Jim thinks it might just be the music.

Lil Wayne recently released a digital album calledI Am Not A Human Being…weeks before his CD "drops"…and from jail! The rapper, who made his name through self-released mixtapes, has always embraced the digital realm. But brick and mortar stores are not happy about this trend.

In the past royalty organizations only needed to worry about radio, and perhaps, television. Ah, the good old days. Now there are tons of internet streaming sites, and a federal appeals court admits it's more complicated than once thought. A recent ruling, involving Yahoo/Real Networks and ASCAP, says that a lower court's method for calculating music royalties is flawed; streaming royalties shouldn't be the same as radio. This decision is significant, as Greg explains. Had it gone the other way, many music sites would either start charging or make less music available to fans.