Jack o' Lantern

Scary Rock Songs for Halloween

Sound Opinions celebrates Halloween with the best Scary Rock Songs. Jim and Greg play their favorites and hear some of yours.

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Music News

The Michael Jackson posthumous money grab has begun. The new single "This Is It" has been released. It's likely to be the final new piece of music from the King of Pop and coincides with the release of a greatest hits album and movie of the same name. The film captures Jackson's L.A. rehearsals for what was to be his comeback tour. Greg saw This Is It earlier this week and describes it as a first hand glimpse of the artist in his final days. Greg was surprised to see how sharp and detail-oriented Jackson was, especially considering his frail appearance. Jackson lost some of his voice, but still knew how to make great theater, and Greg believes this comeback attempt would've been a success.

Next in the news, another successful rapper is headed for prison. Lil Wayne, the number one selling artist of 2008, pled guilty to gun possession and is expected to be sentenced to a year in prison. He has a new mixtape out this week and will likely continue releasing and promoting music throughout next year-especially if he follows the lead of T.I. That rapper is serving a prison sentence he began in May and is not only still a Billboard Top 200 seller, but recently won a BET award.


Halloween Scary Rock Songs

Jim and Greg celebrate Halloween by playing their favorite Scary Rock Songs. Not to dismiss a classic like "Monster Mash," but for this episode our hosts wanted to pick songs that would actually spook and scare. Here are the tracks they recommend for this Halloween season:

Featured Songs

  1. Michael Jackson, This Is It, Michael Jackson's This Is It, Epic, 2009
  2. Lil Wayne, A Milli, Tha Carter III, Cash Money, 2008
  3. Bobby Pickett & The Crypt Kickers, Monster Mash, Monster Mash, Garpax, 1999
  4. The Buoys, Timothy, The Buoys, Scepter, 1971
  5. Colin Newman, Alone, A-Z, Beggar's Banquet, 1980
  6. PJ Harvey, Down by the Water, To Bring You My Love, Island, 1995
  7. Jonny Greenwood, Proven Lands, There Will Be Blood Soundtrack, Nonesuch, 2007
  8. Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells, Tubular Bells, Virgin, 1973
  9. Goblin, Suspiria, Suspiria, Cinevox, 1977
  10. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Eve White/Eve Black, Nocturne, Geffen, 1983
  11. Tom Waits, Misery is the River of the World, Blood Money, Anti, 2002
  12. The Geto Boys, Mind Playing Tricks on Me, We Can't Be Stopped, Rap-A-Lot, 1991
  13. Gnarls Barkley, Boogie Monster, St. Elsewhere, Atlantic, 2006
  14. The Cramps, Human Fly, Off the Bone, Illegal, 1983
  15. RZA, Samurai Showdown, The Way of the Samurai, Epic, 1999
  16. Tori Amos, '97 Bonnie and Clyde, Strange Little Girls, Atlantic, 2001
  17. Julee Cruise, Mysteries of Love, Blue Velvet, Varèse Sarabande, 1986
  18. Grateful Dead, Operator, American Beauty, Warner Bros., 1970
  19. Phoenix, Armistice, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Glassnote, 2009
  20. Phoenix, 1901, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Glassnote, 2009


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