Rosie the Riveter

Work Songs & Opinions on Phish and Vivian Girls

Celebrate Labor Day with Jim and Greg's favorite Songs About Work.

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Work Songs

Despite the fact that most musicians spend their lives avoiding a“real job,”there are a number of great songs about the drudgery and the glory of hard work. For this Labor Day episode Jim and Greg play their favorite Songs About Work.

Lou Reed

reviewJoy (Deluxe Version)Joy available on iTunes

Phish Joy

For two decades the jam band Phish has held a massive fan base. But, as Jim and Greg explain, most of these“Phish Heads”aren‘t all that interested in the band’s studio records; it's all about the live experience. Now, after a five-year hiatus during which lead singer Trey Anastasio battled drug addiction, the band is back with a new record called Joy. As always, the goal is to create songs that are successful on record and stage. With the exception of a couple of tracks, Greg doesn't think the songwriting holds up. He can only give Joy a Try It. Jim wishes the band would abandon its efforts at jazz and funk fusion and go back to its progressive roots. He loves the 13-minute suite "Time Turns Elastic," but gives the rest of the album a Try It.

reviewEverything Goes WrongEverything Goes Wrong available on iTunes

Vivian Girls Everything Goes Wrong

Vivian Girls also have a new release called Everything Goes Wrong. The title might be referring to the year the band had following their successful self-titled debut. Not only did they lose their drummer, but guitarist/songwriter Cassie Ramone also went through a bad breakup. As Greg states, their pain is our pleasure. He loves this follow-up and hears a lot of musical growth. Jim agrees, adding that the Vivians' take on female sexuality is much needed in our culture. Everything Goes Wrong gets a double Buy It.


Featured Songs

  1. The Animals, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, Animal Tracks, Columbia Graphophone Company, 1965
  2. John Lennon, Working Class Hero, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Apple, 1970
  3. Van Morrison, Cleaning Windows, Beautiful Vision, Polydor, 1982
  4. The Clash, Career Opportunities, The Clash, CBS Records International, 1977
  5. The Clipse, Grindin', Lord Willin', Star Trek Entertainment, 2002
  6. R.E.M., Finest Worksong, Document, I.R.S., 1987
  7. Bob Marley & the Wailers, Night Shift, Rastaman Vibration, Island, 1976
  8. The Jam,“Smithers-Jones”(Single Version), Polydor, 1979
  9. Lou Reed, "Don't Talk to Me About Work, Legendary Hearts, RCA Victor, 1983
  10. The Flaming Lips,“Bad Days”Clouds Taste Metallic, Warner Bros., 1995
  11. Phish, Ocelot, Joy, JEMP, 2009
  12. Phish, Backwards Down the Number Line, Joy, JEMP, 2009
  13. Phish, Time Turns Elastic, Joy, JEMP, 2009
  14. Vivian Girls, Tension, Everything Goes Wrong, In the Red, 2009
  15. Vivian Girls, The End, Everything Goes Wrong, In the Red, 2009
  16. The Isley Brothers, Work to Do, Brother, Brother, Brother, 1972
  17. The Pretenders, The Phone Call, Pretenders, Real, 1980
  18. Jackson 5, It's Your Thing, Soulsation!, Motown, 1995

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