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Jill Sobule & Opinions on Booker T. Jones and The Handsome Family

Music News

One of the biggest court decisions regarding file-sharing and piracy came down this week. The organizers of the site Pirate Bay were sentenced by a Swedish court to pay $3.6 million dollars and spend a year in prison. The defendants claim they merely provide a menu of available media, including music files, movies and software. But a judge and jury has deemed them pirates. Pirate Bay is fighting back, but meanwhile Jim and Greg point out that hindering file-sharing might actually hinder sales. A new study out of Norway says that people who illegally share music via P2P networks are overwhelmingly more likely to purchase music. Rather than stealing, the record companies might want to look at this kind of consumption as sampling.

One place you can sample free music is The social networking site has quickly become the go-to place to promote your band and discover new music. That said, it's yet to make any serious cash. The newly revamped MySpace Music site is attempting to do just that with the addition of tour and release information, as well as links to purchase music. If MySpace stays on this path, it will essentially be like a 360 record label a la Live Nation.