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“10,000 Lovers”Ida Maria

While recently scouring the Bermuda Triangle for long-lost artists, Jim rediscovered Norway's Ida Maria who specializes in energetic punk rock blended with new wave melodies. The song "10,000 Lovers" from Maria's second album Katla is a little less punk, but still a lot of fun and reminded Jim why Maria's debut album Fortress Round My Heart in 2009 was his favorite of that year. 10,000 Lovers features Maria's first use of her native Norwegian on a song, and while Jim doesn‘t understand any of it, there’s no mistaking Maria's shout-out to Frank Sinatra at the end.

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Buried Treasures

A few times a year Jim and Greg like to shed light on talent that deserves more notice. Here is the latest crop of musical gems they've dug up.


  • Emily Wells, The Symphonies: Dreams, Memories and Parties
  • Ida Maria, Fortress Round My Heart
  • Kristeen Young, Music for Strippers, Hookers and the Odd-Onlooker
  • Eagle and Talon, Thracian


  • Allen Toussaint, The Bright Mississippi
  • Nebula, Heavy Psych LP
  • Rodriguez, Coming From Reality and Cold Fact
  • Shemekia Copeland, Never Going Back
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Best Albums of 2009

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Anxious Anthems

Forget “keep calm and carry on.” This week, Jim and Greg play their favorite "Anxious Anthems." Then they chat with some listeners to hear what songs make them nervous.

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The Best Songs of the Millennium - Mixtapes

Jim and Greg like to end every year with a good old-fashioned mixtape (presented as a new-fashioned mp3 stream). But this year they decided to go even further and compile their favorite songs of the entire decade. They pick highlights to play during this episode, and their entire playlists are below. You can also stream their full mixtapes:

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